ASUS N45W-C1 – power adapter – 45 Watt


ASUS N45W-C1 – power adapter – 45 Watt

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Product Description ASUS N45W-C1 – power adapter – 45 Watt
Device Type Power adapter – external
Localization United States
Power Capacity 45 Watt
Output connectors 1 x 24 pin USB-C
Color Black
Designed For ASUS BR1100CKA-CEL4G64WP-01, BR1100CKA-GJ0775XA, BR1100FKA-502YT, BR1100FKA-BP0031RA, BR1100FKA-BP0043RA, BR1100FKA-BP0044R, BR1100FKA-BP0044RA, BR1100FKA-BP0052RA, BR1100FKA-BP0068R, BR1100FKA-BP0069RA, BR1100FKA-BP0085RA, BR1100FKA-BP0105R, BR1100FKA-BP0109R, BR1100FKA-BP0109RA, BR1100FKA-BP0111R, BR1100FKA-BP0113RA, BR1100FKA-BP0123R, BR1100FKA-BP0123RA, BR1100FKA-BP0163RA, BR1100FKA-BP0170RA, BR1100FKA-BP0348RA, BR1100FKA-BP0370R, BR1100FKA-BP0418R, BR1100FKA-BP0428RA, BR1100FKA-BP0444RA, BR1100FKA-BP0447R, BR1100FKA-BP0491RA, BR1100FKA-BP0507RA, BR1100FKA-BP0543R, BR1100FKA-BP0573RA, BR1100FKA-BP0574R, BR1100FKA-BP0610RA, BR1100FKA-BP0645RA, BR1100FKA-BP0677R, BR1100FKA-BP0746RA, BR1100FKA-BP0754RA, BR1100FKA-BP0956XA, BR1100FKA-BP1139XA, BR1100FKA-BP1170RA, BR1100FKA-BP1170XA, BR1100FKA-BP2092RA, BR1100FKA-CE1LS, BR1100FKA-CE1S, BR1100FKA-CE1SLS, BR1100FKA-CES1S, BR1100FKA-QE1LS, BR1100FKA-QE1S, BR1100FKA-QE1SLS, BR1100FKA-QES1S, BR1100FKA-XS04T, BR1100FKA-YS02T, BR1100FKA-YS24T ¦ ASUS Chromebook C202XA ¦ ASUS Chromebook C204EE ¦ ASUS Chromebook C204MA ¦ ASUS Chromebook C403NA ¦ ASUS Chromebook C423NA ¦ ASUS Chromebook C523NA ¦ ASUS Chromebook CX1 CX1400CKA-BV0071, CX1400CNA-BV0085 (45 Watt), CX1400CNA-BV0140, CX1400CNA-C1, CX1400CNA-EB0162, CX1400CNA-EB0163, CX1400CNA-EB0164, CX1400CNA-EK0037, CX1400CNA-EK0045, CX1400CNA-EK0101, CX1400CNA-EK0103, CX1400CNA-EK0104, CX1400CNA-EK0105 (45 Watt), CX1400CNA-EK0194, CX1400CNA-EK0201, CX1400CNA-EK0202, CX1400CNA-Q1 ¦ ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3000DVA (45 Watt) ¦ ASUS Chromebook Enterprise CX1100CNA (45 Watt) ¦ ASUS Chromebook Enterprise Flip CM5 CM5500FDA-GN344T, CM5500FDA-GN588T ¦ ASUS Chromebook Flip C214MA ¦ ASUS Chromebook Flip CM3200FVA (45 Watt) ¦ ASUS Chromebook Flip CM5 (45 Watt), CM5500FDA-DN344T (45 Watt), CM5500FDA-E60182, CM5500FDA-E60192 ¦ ASUS Chromebook Tablet CT100PA
Power Output Connectors Details 1 x 24 pin USB-C
Cables Included Power cable

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 6.7 × 4.2 × 1.7 in


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