Return Policy

Limited Warranty & RMA Service Policy

1. Term of Limited Warranty Coverage

Privoxy warrants the products to be free from defects under normal use and service for the
original purchaser. The warranty period starts from the date printed on Privoxy Invoice.
All service returns must be received by Privoxy on or before the warranty expiration date.
Customers may return defective products to Privoxy under Privoxy warranty coverage
defined in section 1-1. However, some manufacturers provide or request RMA direct
service under their own warranty terms and conditions. Please refer to each product
manufacturer for service details.

1-1. Products Limited Warranty Coverage Period
A. Intel CPU: Three Months
B. AMD CPU: Six Months
C. Memory Module/ SSD/USB Drive/ Flash Card: One Year
(* Super Talent Brand. Please refer to 1-1 h. Super Talent)
(* Samsung Brand: Six Months)
D. HDD, Optical Drive, Monitor, Networking
Motherboard, Add-on Card and all I/O Device: One Year
(* Netgear products must refer to the manufacturer’s warranty service policy after 90 days of purchase)
(* PNY products must contact manufacturer for direct service. see item l below)

E. Computer Systems: One Year
F. Printer, Projector, Scanner and Consumer Electronics: One Month
(* Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty service policy after 30 days of purchase)
G. Toner/Cartridge, Software and Optical/Magnetic Media: No Warranty
H. Super Talent

1) DDR Memory Module: One Year
2) USB2.0 Flash Drive: Two Years
3) USB3.0 Flash Drive: Three Years
4) Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • RAIDDrive Series: Three Years
  • MasterDrive Series: Two Years
  • TeraDrive Series: Three Years
  • UltraDrive Series: Two Years
  • VSSD Series: One Year
  • Mobile/Tablet/Netbook Series: One Year
  • DuraDrive Series: Three Years
  • Corestore/FDM Series: One Year
  • All Other MLC Base SSD: Two Years
  • All Other SLC Based SSD: Three Years
  • Others: One Year
  • *Exception for Integrated Batteries: The Limited Warranty Period for replacing batteries integrated in Super Talent covered products is six(6) months from the date of original purchase. Replacement is otherwise strictly at Customer’s expense.

I. Factory Re-certified products: Non-Returnable. Direct service from manufacturer only
J. Synology Products: Direct service by Synology via:
K. No warranty service, DOA credit or exchange for PNY products. All PNY
product warranty service will be provided by PNY directly only via:
L.Special Order Products: One Year
Special Order Products are not Privoxy regular stock items. They are specially ordered per the customer requests.
a. Special Order Products are NON-CANCELLABLE.
b. Special Order Products will be serviced for defective repair or replacement with sole decision by Privoxy only. *There is no Credit or Refund issued for any Special Order returns*

1-2 Void of products warranty
a. Products physical damaged due to user abused or improper handling
b. Attempt to repair or rework the product without written consent by Privoxy.
c. Deface or remove the original manufacture warranty seal or serial number

2. D.O.A. definition and service policy

Dead On Arrival(D.O.A.) is defined as the product defective within 30 days from the
date of Invoice for the original purchaser:
A. There is no D.O.A. service applied for all CPU parts, Consumer Electronic
devices, and Tape Backup devices. They will be processed as a Standard RMA,
and they may request for the manufacturer direct service to the user only.
B. D.O.A. product must return completely with the original accessories, and be
received by Privoxy within 5 business days from the date of RMA number
authorized, or it will be processed as a Standard RMA returns.
C. Completed computer system built by Privoxy – Privoxy will pay freight for D.O.A. parts return.
D.O.A. returns will be processed for immediate replacement after received and
inspected by Privoxy RMA Service department.

3. Product Received in discrepancy or physical damaged

Product received in discrepancy or physical damaged must be reported within 5 days
after received. The original shipping box must be retained and pictures of evidence
may be requested for further investigation.

4. Return for Credit Policy

Product returns for Credit must request within 30 days of the Invoice date and it is
only applied for the original purchaser.

A. Return for Credit products must be in resalable condition with un-opened original package and all accessories.
B.No Credit Return for CPU, Computer System and Special Order item. Credit returns should be received by Privoxy within 5 business days from the date of RMA number issued or restocking fee may apply.
C. Credit returns will base on the current market value or the invoice price; whichever is lower. Credit will be available for the customer future purchase after the returns had been verified and processed by our Accounting department.

5. RMA Return and Warranty Service Procedure

All service returns must first obtain a valid Privoxy RMA number before sending for
service. A RMA number is valid for 30 days from the date of RMA number issued.
Service items must be received by Privoxy with the valid RMA number and within
warranty period stated as Section 1-1.

Steps of Return process

A. Complete Privoxy RMA Request by emailing our team at:
An RMA number will be issued for your return within 48 business hours if there are
no issues with your request.
B. Follow the instruction below to send your service returns to Privoxy RMA
Service Department:
• Enclose one copy of Privoxy RMA Request Form with the valid RMA number.
• Mark the RMA number in bold print on the outside of RMA return boxes.
• Remove all customers’ labels and marking on the products completely or an
additional handling charge will be applied.
• Do not need to send manual, cables or accessories with the return products
unless it is Credit Return or D.O.A. Return or requested by Privoxy RMA
service staff.
• Properly pack and ship your return products, and pay all freight for the
returns. Privoxy will not be responsible for any package damaged in
shipping from customers. Any damage caused by the improper packing will
result to void the warranty of products.
• Customer must prepay the freight of returns. Any RMA package return with
C.O.D. or invalid RMA number will be rejected.

Repair and Replacement process

It is Privoxy sole decision to repair or replace the defective products for customers.
Privoxy will first obtain the customer approval for the parts substitution if necessary.

Privoxy reserves the right to substitute an equivalent product if the service products
are not able to be repaired or not available for replacement.

It is customer’s responsibility to backup data with return parts. Privoxy is not
responsible for any loss of data or any costs associated with return parts.

This policy is applied only for the merchandises sold in the Untied States (unless specified).
Privoxy reserves the right to modify this Limited Warranty and RMA Service Policy as
necessary without prior written notice at anytime.

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