ASUS – power adapter – 65 Watt


ASUS – power adapter – 65 Watt

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Product Description ASUS – power adapter – 65 Watt
Device Type Power adapter – external
Localization United States
Power Capacity 65 Watt
Output connectors 24 pin USB-C
Manufacturer Warranty 90-day warranty
Designed For ASUSPRO B9 B9440FA-GV0002R, B9440FA-GV0004R, B9440FA-GV0018R, B9440FA-GV0019R, B9440FA-GV0061R, B9440FA-GV0062R, B9440FA-GV0090R, B9440FA-GV0091R, B9440FA-GV0101R, B9440FA-GV0173R, B9440UA-72008, B9440UA-GV0005R, B9440UA-GV0006R, B9440UA-GV0028R, B9440UA-GV0046R, B9440UA-GV0046RB, B9440UA-GV0048R, B9440UA-GV0050R, B9440UA-GV0051R, B9440UA-GV0054R, B9440UA-GV0056R, B9440UA-GV0070R, B9440UA-GV0073R, B9440UA-GV0075R, B9440UA-GV0076R, B9440UA-GV0081R, B9440UA-GV0094R, B9440UA-GV0100, B9440UA-GV0100T, B9440UA-GV0101T, B9440UA-GV0131R, B9440UA-GV0132R, B9440UA-GV0177R, B9440UA-GV0191R, B9440UA-GV0201R, B9440UA-GV0205T, B9440UA-GV0210T, B9440UA-GV0211T, B9440UA-GV0214R, B9440UA-GV0215R, B9440UA-GV0219R, B9440UA-GV0240, B9440UA-GV0279R, B9440UA-GV0342T, B9440UA-GV0347T, B9440UA-GV0367T, B9440UA-GV0389R, B9440UA-GV0474R, B9440UA-GV0475R, B9440UA-GV9094R, B9440UA-GV9102T, B9440UA-GV9103T, B9440UA-US51, B9440UA-XS51, B9440UA-XS74, B9440UA-XS77 ¦ ASUS Chromebook 12 (45 Watt), C223NA-DH02, C223NA-GJ0006, C223NA-GJ0007, C223NA-GJ0014, C223NA-GJ0025, C223NA-GJ0040, C223NA-GJ0044, C223NA-GJ005, C223NA-MB01 ¦ ASUS Chromebook C204MA ¦ ASUS Chromebook C403NA ¦ ASUS Chromebook C423NA ¦ ASUS Chromebook C523NA ¦ ASUS Chromebook Flip C101PA ¦ ASUS Chromebook Flip C213NA ¦ ASUS Chromebook Flip C214MA ¦ ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA ¦ ASUS Chromebook Flip C433TA ¦ ASUS Chromebook Flip C434TA ¦ ASUS Chromebook Tablet CT100PA ¦ ASUS ExpertBook B9 B9450FA-BM0412R, B9450FA-BM0630R ¦ ASUS ExpertBook P5 P5440FA-BM0006R, P5440FA-BM0008R ¦ ASUS ROG Zephyrus S ¦ ASUS Transformer 3 Pro T303UA ¦ ASUS ZenBook 13 (65 Watt) ¦ ASUS ZenBook 13 OLED (65 Watt) ¦ ASUS ZenBook 14 (65 Watt) ¦ ASUS ZenBook 3 UX390UA ¦ ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 UX363EA-DH51T, UX363EA-XH71T ¦ ASUS Zenbook Flip S UX370UA ¦ ASUS ZenBook S UX391FA ¦ ASUS ZenBook S UX391UA ¦ ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392FA ¦ ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392FN
Power Output Connectors Details 24 pin USB-C
Compliant Standards USB Power Delivery
Service & Support Limited warranty – 90 days

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