Supermicro – rack rail kit – 1U


Supermicro – rack rail kit – 1U

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Product Description Supermicro – rack rail kit – 1U
Product Type Rack rail kit
Packaged Quantity 10 (specifications are for single item)
Height (Rack Units) 1U
Package Type Bulk
Designed For Supermicro SC515-280UB, SC809T-1200B ¦ Supermicro SC113 TQ-563CB, TQ-700CB, TQ-700UB, TQ-R650CB, TQ-R700CB, TQ-R700UB ¦ Supermicro SC113M TQ-563CB ¦ Supermicro SC512 F-350B, F-410B, F-520, F-520L, F-600B, F-600LB ¦ Supermicro SC515 280UB ¦ Supermicro SC808 LT-780B, T-1200B, T-780B, T-980B, T-980V ¦ Supermicro SC809 LT-780B, T-1200B, T-780B, T-980B

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Weight 54.0 lbs
Dimensions 1.0 × 1.0 × 1.0 in


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