Supermicro – rack rail kit – 4U


Supermicro – rack rail kit – 4U

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Product Description Supermicro – rack rail kit – 4U
Product Type Rack rail kit
Height (Rack Units) 4U
Designed For Supermicro SC417 E16-R1400LPB, E16-R1400UB, E16-RJBOD1, E26-R1400LPB, E26-R1400UB ¦ Supermicro SC842 TQ-600B, TQ-665B ¦ Supermicro SC846 A-R1200B, E16-R1200B, E1-R1200B, E1-R710B, E1-R900B, E26-R1200B, E2-R900B, TQ-R1200B, TQ-R900B ¦ Supermicro SC847 A-R1400LPB, A-R1400UB, E16-R1400LPB, E16-R1400UB, E16-RJBOD1, E1-R1400LPB, E1-R1400UB, E26-R1400LPB, E26-R1400UB, E26-RJBOD1, E2-R1400LPB, E2-R1400UB ¦ Supermicro SC848 A-R1800B ¦ Supermicro SuperServer 5086B-TRF, 6046T-TUF

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Weight 12.1 lbs
Dimensions 31.5 × 6.5 × 4.5 in


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